Our People

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    Amanda Grassick

    Co-Founder & Co-President

    Camp has been a  place of both rejection and affirmation. Twenty years ago I was lucky to find a camp community that was accepting and supportive of my gender and sexual identities. A camp where I could be myself.

    I envision a world where campers do not have to rely on luck. I want the camping community to become a place that explicitly and intentionally welcomes campers, staff and families of all gender and sexual identities.

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    Davin Allan

    Co-Founder & Co-President

    I have always heard camp described as a place where people feel they can be their true selves, but that is not necessarily the reality for 2SLGBTQ+ campers and staff.

    I would like to see more members of the camping community look at the barriers that may be in place for these campers and staff and how to make their camp and community more accessible, inclusive, and affirming.

  • Chris Hudson


    Camp is a place in which 2SLGBTQ+ families can connect with each other and ensure that their children develop in an inclusive and loving environment.

    I want to see the camp community be place that provides all children with safer spaces to express themselves and grow.

  • Cale Allen


    Camp has been a place to express/challenge myself, meet others who relate to me and has allowed me to grow more independent over the years.


    Camps needs to become a space that is comfortable for everyone. I would love to see all campers and staff have the opportunity to flourish in their own camp communities.

  • Heather McPhee


    I love going to work everyday and finding myself surrounded by caring, passionate people who inspire me to be better. I believe everyone deserves to be surrounded by a community of people who care for them and want to see them thrive.


    I want to see the camp community expand and create new traditions based on thoughtful, accepting and intentional values.

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